Hello world!

Now is PonPonNihongo (Finally) ready for its first post! This post is mainly going to be an introduction to what PonPonNihongo is all about and what posts is to be expected.

PonPonNihong is mainly for;

  • Enthusiasts about Japan
  • Japanese Language students / self learners
  • People who wants to know about Japanese culture
  • People who want to move to japan and/or study in Japan

and so on..

Anything and everything about Japan will be posted here. Requests and wishes are also welcome. Email us at; PonPoNihongo@gmail.com anytime.


What is to be expected of PonPonNihongo and exactly what kind of posts will there be?

Here are some examples of posts and topics that will be covered at our site;

  • Japanese Language
  • Culture notes
  • Information about how to move / study in Japan
  • Preparation for JLPT (Included Grammar, Kanji, vocabulary and so on )
  • Reviews (Of for example textbooks for studying Japanese )
  • Interviews of Japanese people and foreigners living in Japan etc.
  • and much, much more..illust1099






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