N5 – Superlatives

⇒ AとBとCの中でAが一番Xです
(= A is the most X among A, B and C)

○ ピアノとバイオリンとフルートの中でピアノが一番得意(とくい)です
(= Among the Piano, the violin and the flute, I am the best at paino)
○ 高橋さんと林さんと森さんの中で林さんが一番若いです
(= Among Takahashi-san, Hayashi-san and Mori-san, Hayashi san is the youngest. )


⇒ Dの中でAが一番Xです (= Among D, A is the most X )

○ 楽器の中でピアノが一番得意です
(= Among musical instruments, Im the best at piano)
○ このクラスの学生の中で林さんが一番若いです
(= Among the students in this class, Hayashi-san is the youngest)


⇒ AとBとCの中で【どれ/誰/どこ/いつ/など】が一番Xです
(= [Which / Who / Where / When/etc] is the most X, A, B or C? )
○ Aさん:お茶と紅茶コーヒーの中でどれが一番好きですか?
(= A-san: Which do you like the bestm Japanese tea, black tea or coffee?)
(= B-san: I like coffee best )

(= A-san: Which day of the week are you busiest, Saturday, Sunday or Monday?)
(= B-san: I am busiest on Monday)


⇒ Dの中で【何/誰/どこ/いつ/など】が一番Xです
(= [What/ Who/Where/When/etc] is the most X among D? )

○ Aさん:飲みのもの中で何が一番好きですか?
(= A-san: Among[all] beverages, what do you like best?)
(= B-san: I like tomato juice best)


Now you know how to compare three or more items and ask and answer the questions comparing the three (or more) items.

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