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What is JLPT?

JLPT stand for “Japanese Lnguage Proficiency Test” and is the official Japanese Language test for non-native speakers.  The test is held twice a year in Japan ( July and December) and once a year in other regions.

JLPT levels are: N5 (easiest) – N1 (Hardest)

N2 / N1 is needed in order to study at Japanese University.

According to Wikipedia:

  • N1 can be used to satisfy the Japanese language ability criterion under the “Point-based Preferential Immigration Treatment System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” announced by the Japanese government in 2012. It is also possible to use the Business Japanese Proficiency Test or a foreign university degree with a major in Japanese for this purpose.
  • N1 is a prerequisite for foreign medical professionals who wish to take examinations to be licensed in Japan, and for certain foreign nationals who wish to attend nursing school in Japan.
  • Those who have passed either N1 or N2 (regardless of citizenship) are exempt from the Japanese language section of the middle school equivalency examination, which is required in order to enter a Japanese high school if the applicant did not graduate from a Japanese middle school.
  • N1 is sometimes accepted in lieu of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for foreign students who wish to study at Japanese universities.


In short, If you are really serious about the Japanese language and / or want to work / study in Japan. JLPT is highly recommended and in most cases necessary.

But do not worry! This blog will help you pass JLPT as if it were nothing!


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N2 and N1 comming up soon!